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From the Children of Ukraine - My Dream of Peace

Updated: May 10, 2023

Help to build a brighter future for the children of Ukraine and beyond.

Since 2014, the conflict in Ukraine has had a devastating impact on children and families, with many facing violence, displacement, and poverty. The ongoing conflict has disrupted children's education, put their health and safety at risk, and left many struggling to cope with the trauma of their experiences.

Despite these challenges, children in Ukraine have shown remarkable resilience, determination and creativity in the face of adversity. A powerful tool for helping children cope with devastation and stress is art. When children experience traumatic events, they struggle with anxiety, fear, and helplessness and one way of coping with their feelings is through creative expression.

TIMOTCA's international art program, Postcards from the World, My Dream of Peace ( has provided a unique platform for children to express their despair, their dreams, their yearning for peace - while helping them to process their experiences.

With continued support and investment in their well-being and development, these children have the potential to build a better future for themselves and their communities, and to become agents of positive change in a world that desperately needs it.

Organizations like World Vision are providing crucial support in areas such as education, health and nutrition, child protection, and psychosocial support. Through their programs, children are able to access the resources and services they need to cope with the effects of the conflict, and help build a future for themselves and their communities.

In a fundraising partnership with World Vision TIMOTCA has published a heart-rendering book containing the postcard art sent to us from the children in Ukraine. The book - From the Children of Ukraine, My Dream of Peace - is an unprecedented opportunity to glimpse into the hearts and minds of children suffering the devastating effects of war. It is a gift with your donation.

If you're interested in helping children affected by the conflict in Ukraine, please consider a donation at Not only will you be supporting the tireless work of World Vision, you will receive "From the Children of Ukraine, My Dream of Peace." The book is a rare piece of history, revealing the pleas for peace of children living in a country at war.

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