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TIMOTCA’s Official Goodwill Ambassador

to the World's Children.

PYE delights children with his exciting and unusual stories of places and people around the world. He's courageous, fun-loving and adventurous... and he's here to entertain a new generation of kids and help take them into the world of the 21st Century and beyond.


Through special programs like PYE’s Pantry, A Cooking Show for Kids, and through books, international art exchanges and school curricula PYE encourages children to care for one another and the Earth as he shares the skills, attitudes and beliefs necessary to live in harmony with others.

PYE has received Proclamations from Mayors and Governors and heart warming letters from kids, teachers and parents across the country. 

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PYE's Pantry

The future of children’s programming is wrapped up in a cuddly, friendly and oh-so-wise panda bear named PYE.  Follow the magic as PYE and his Pals discover new doorways to the world of imagination through food, cooking, music and a host of surprises in the Pantry that circles the world!


PYE’s Pantry is completely unique edu-tainment programming – a cooking show for kids of all ages.  The Pantry exposes kids to good foods, nutritious eating habits and easy to follow recipes, as they discover a quality-time activity that is creative, simple, safe and fun!!!

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