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TIMOTCA Centre Concept  by Richard Moren, Director of Conceptual Design & Architecture


Sphere on Spiral Stairs


It is fitting in the opening decades of the 21st century, a century which has seen Earth become a global village and the Moon a resting place for adventuresome humankind - that the world's first Art and Entertainment Centre be established reflecting our newly found universal consciousness.

While many art museums exist around the world none exhibit the works of more than a few nations, and none represent all the people of the Earth. The Centre will be a one-of-a-kind combination of cultural exploration as presented by museums, and world-class entertainment, visitor interaction, global marketplace and special events.

The TIMOTCA CENTRE will be realized as the entertainment of the future - in the Metaverse -offering an unprecedented virtual entertainment experience to everyone on the planet. Opening is planned for 2025.


The TIMOTCA Metaverse will be a  groundbreaking virtual world for the visual and performing arts, representing every country on Earth. This innovative platform will bring together both master and emerging artists, performers and artisans from around the world to showcase their talents, collaborate on new projects, and engage with audiences from all corners of the globe. At its core, TIMOTCA is designed to celebrate the diversity of the human experience and promote cross-cultural exchange, while offering a range of unique experiences to visitors that would not be possible in a traditional physical location. 


The TIMOTCA Metaverse will be a unique and exciting destination for visitors of all ages with a wide range of interests - it include a gathering plaza, interactive exhibits, and spaces for symposiums. Visitors will participate in concerts, view ever changing presentations, shop and attend openings and special events, while being offered opportunities to engage with each other in meaningful ways... and much more.

Visitors will experience immersive virtual reality interactive activities that transport them to art and cultures of the entire world. In the TIMOTCA Metaverse Art and Entertainment Centre visitors can customize their virtual avatars and environments according to their preferences  utilizing the unique features of the metaverse.


Sixty-three countries have officially accepted TIMOTCA's invitation to participate, with the ultimate goal over 250 countries, territories and island groups.  The TIMOTCA Global Art & Entertainment Centre offers an unprecedented concept that has limitless potential to revolutionize the way we experience art and culture and the pursuit of peace. Imagine a venue where millions of people around the globe can come together to experience the rich and diverse cultures of every nation on Earth, helping to lessen barriers and build connections between people who may have otherwise never had the chance to interact.




TIMOTCA Metaverse will be the most exciting, compelling and entertaining place in the Universe - a modern Wonder of the World... a place, once visited is never forgotten. 

The metaverse will revolutionize the way we consume entertainment, making it more accessible than we ever could have imagined. As the metaverse advances, even more immersive and interactive entertainment experiences will be developed and visitors will be able to interact with artists in real time. Experts believe that the metaverse will become the major form of entertainment in the future. The world’s biggest companies, such as Google, Apple, Meta and Microsoft, have each made significant metaverse investments.  From concerts, fashion, art and sports - giants like the British Museum, Louvre, Sotheby's, MOMA, Warner Music Group, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co, Nike, Coca-Cola and Disney have embraced the concept of the metaverse.








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Reinforcing the connection we all share with things larger than Earth—connecting us to one another.

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Moren Street view.jpg
  • Great Plaza

  • An unparalleled Global Peace Monument

  • Earth Journey-Tracing art thru the ages 

  • Museum of World Art featuring the art of all countries

  • Galleries presenting rotating exhibition

  • Decorative arts, weaving and photography 

  • World Congress Hall

  • Amphitheater  

  • Performing Arts Theater

  • Sculpture gardens and water fountains

  • The Graffiti Wall

  • Global Ocean Aquarium

  • World class restaurants, kiosks and shops


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