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Edward T. Solomon

TIMOTCA was conceived by Mr. Solomon in September 1980.  Since that time, Mr. Solomon, has devoted all his time and energies to developing, researching and refining every aspect of the TIMOTCA project, while pursuing "art as a tool of diplomacy.” 

MDP Head shot.JPG

Maryann Del Pizzo

As Co-Founder of TIMOTCA,

Ms. Del Pizzo has devoted over 35 years to the expansion, development, funding and testing of the TIMOTCA concept.



Dianne Savoie 2.jpg

Dianne Savoie

Dianne founded Luminosity Coaching, LLC in 2009 and is recognized as an expert in executive leadership coaching as well as the facilitation of executive teams' strategic planning.

Moren Portrait.JPG

Richard Moren
Dream catcher specializing  in  planning and conceptual design for major destination resorts and mixed use projects, globally. Architect of Record on more than 500 projects including the Bellagio, Venetian and Caesars.

Advisory Board Edmond.jpg

Edmond Wong

CEO and global visionary leader at the intersection of technology and consumer products. A catalyst for big thinking and collaboration, with a passionate drive for making a difference. Deep experience in revenue growth, global operations, technology, analytics, eCommerce, brand management & licensing.

Paul Headshot.jpg

Paul Del Pizzo

Producer, Director and Emmy nominated Director of Photography, Paul Del Pizzo has over 25 years of television production experience. In addition to producing and directing network shows he is a skilled camera operator and editor.

Alex profile pic.jpg

Alexandra Quintanilla
Sales and Business Development leader at Amazon. Experience spanning strategy and project execution from start-up to large enterprise business models, unlocking innovation and navigating enterprise-wide transformation.

JoLee Headshot.jpeg

Jo Lee Mascioli-Mansell

Among the exclusive 122 Canadians chosen worldwide for Canada’s “Millennium Honour Roll.” Founder, Chairman, Publisher, Editor In Chief of    JO LEE Magazine with an audience of 44+ million. Founder of The ADESTE Gold Medal. Credited with re-inventing the charitable world. 

Advisory Board Lisa.jpg

Lisa Brown-Conte

An expert in enterprise transformation, Lisa specializes in business innovation, digital transformation, customer experience, strategy, and organizational development. Since childhood, she has been passionate about the arts, culture and language.


Nav Gulati

Senior Executive in banking (FDIC, Federal Reserve) and management consulting (IBM, Deloitte and Ernst & Young). Formerly, a Federal official with fiduciary responsibility for over$10 Billion in assets. Author of published white papers on merger integration and enterprise risk management. 


Ryan Lashlee
Co-Founder of KILVER and the Chief Financial Officer of True Trust, a U.S. & International Trust company.


Milos Djokovic
Business Development for leading marketing agency, Crowdcreate. TIMOTCA"s WEB3 Advisor, Metaverse Coordinator and Digital Project Lead.

Tom Van Sant w Kite.jpg

Tom Van Sant (1948 - 2023)

Loyal supporter and friend for 35 years. Architect and scientist. His interests ranged from city planning and advanced technical invention to large-scale flying sculptures the creation of the first satellite composite map of Earth.



Kofi A. Annan,  United Nations Secretary- General

“I am very pleased that the long and fruitful association with UNESCO has resulted in a number of successful exhibitions and hope that there will be more such cooperative efforts in the future.  I am confident that TIMOTCA will continue in its important work and through the magic of art send a powerful message that will reach the hearts and minds of people throughout the world.  

Michael_R_Bloomberg lg.jpg

Michael Bloomberg, Mayor, New York

“In recognition of its three decades of success, New York City is proud to applaud TIMOTCA. On behalf of all New Yorkers, please accept my best wishes for many more years of  success. I, Michael R, Bloomberg, Mayor of the City of New York, do hereby proclaim March 14th through March 25th 2011 in the City of New York as: Art Beyond Borders Days.”


Jorge Wertheim, Representative to the UN, Dir. UNESCO, NY & Washington D.C.

“I am proud to support you as you stand on the brink of the creation of another United Nations-a United Nations of the Arts.”


Dr. Robert Muller, Assistant Sec. Gen, United Nations 1923 - 2010

“Your world premiere of Art Beyond Borders at the United Nations is a great historic event. It goes a long way in fulfilling my dearest dreams as a peacemaker and lifelover: That art and culture will contribute their feelings and elevation to the planetary, all-human and cosmic consciousness which has begun to seize the miraculous human species on this miraculous planet. With my deep gratitude and admiration for your memorable event in the right place on earth: The United Nations.”


 President Bill Clinton

Vlasta Dahli.JPG
Red Crow Westerman.JPG

Red Crow Westerman

Dr. Noel Brown

Dalai Lama

Shohreh Aghdashloo


Sir Laurence Olivier

Sir Laurence.jpg

 LA Mayor Villaraigosa

Sammy Davis Jr.


COUNTRY SIGNATORIES Participating in TIMOTCA to date:

ALBANIA - Vangjush Valla, Director Arts Department, Ministry of Culture. Representing Artist, Najada Hamaz.

AMERICAN INDIANS – Dr. Richard West, Dir. Nat’l Museum, American Indian, Smithsonian Representing Artist, Dan Namingha. 

ANGOLA - Henrique Abranches, Director, National Union of Plastic Arts.

ARGENTINA - Jorge Glusberg, Director, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Representing Artist, Gustavo Armentia.

AUSTRALIA  - James Mollison, Director, Australian National Gallery.

AUSTRIA - Dr. Dieter Ronte, Director, Modern Art Museum, Vienna. Representing Artist, Ernst Fuchs.

BELGIUM - Robert‑Jones Conservateur En Chef Des Musees Royaux Des Beaux‑Arts. Representing Artist, Pol Mara. 

BRAZIL - Manuel Francisco Nascimento Brito, Director, The Museum Modern Art.

CHINA - Lui Tianging, General Secretary, Federation of Art & Literature. Representing Artist, Wu Guanzhong.

COLOMBIA - Myriam Aceved, Curator Museo De Art Moderno.

CUBA - Beatriz Aulet, Director, Plastic Arts, Ministry of Culture. Representing Artist, Ever Fonseca.

CZECH REPUBLIC - Jiri Sevcik, Academy of Fine Arts, Prague. Representing Artist,,Jiri Anderle​.

EGYPT - Abdel Hamid Radwan, Minister of Culture. Representing Artist, Sarwat El Bahr.

EL SALVADOR - Roberto Edmundo Viero, Min. of Culture & Communications.

ENGLAND - Lord Gowie, Chairman of the Arts Council of England.

ETHIOPIA - Girma Yilma, Minister of Culture.

FRANCE - Yves Mabin, Director, Plastic Arts, Minister of External Relations.Representing Artist, Jean Le Gac.

FRENCH POLYNESIA - Manouche Lehartel, Director, Museum of Tahiti & Islands.Representing Artist, Garrick Yrondi.

GERMANY - Peter Klaus Schuster, Director National Gallery, Berlin.

GREECE - Dr. Dimitris Papastamus, Director, National Gallery. Representing Artist, Alekos Fassianos.

HAITI - Jean‑Robert Estime Minister of Foreign Affairs. Representing Artist, Prefete Duffaut. 

HONDURAS - Dr. Arturo Rendon Pineda, Minister of Culture.

ICELAND - Hrafn Gunnlaugsson, Chairman, Ministry of Culture.Representing Artist, Erro. 

INDIA - Rahul Chhabra, Cultural Attache, Embassy of India, Paris. Representing Artist, Viswanadhan. 

IRAN - Majid Shafei, Exec. Dir. Museum of Contemporary Art, Teheran.  Representing Artist, Mohammad Ali Taraghijah. 

ISRAEL - Sara Breitberg‑Semel, Curator, Israeli Art, Tel Aviv Museum. Representing Artist, Tsibi Geva.

ITALY - Eraldo Gaudioso, Director, National Gallery of Art, Rome.

JAPAN - Mr. T. Hara, Director, Hara Museum of Contemporary Art. Representing Artist, Tadanori Yokoo.

JORDAN - Suhail Bisharat, Director, Jordan National Gallery. Representing Artist, H.R.H. Wijdan  Ali.

KENYA - Daniel Gachiengo, Director of Culture, Ministry of Culture Nairobi. Representing Artist, Tobias Butama.

KOREA (North) - Chung Junmo, Senior Curator, National Museum of Contemporary Art. Representing Artist, Kang-So Lee.

LEBANON - Faouzi Hobeiche, Minister of Culture and Higher Education. Representing Artist, Mohammed El Rawas.

LUXEMBOURG - Jean‑Luc Koltz, Director, Fine Arts Museum of Luxembourg. Representing Artist, Robert Brandy. 

MADAGASCAR - Gisele Rabesahala, Minister of Revolutionary Art & Culture. Representing Artist, Roland Raparivo.

MALAYSIA - Juan Syed Ahmad Jamal, Dir. National Gallery of Kuala Lumpur.

MALI - Tji Mariko, Minister of Culture & Arts.

MAURITANIA - Mohamed Salem Ould Addoud, Minister of Culture.

MAURITIUS - Armoogum Parsuraman, Minister of Education, Arts & Culture. Representing Artist, Pierre Argo.

MEXICO - Manuel De La Cera, Gen. Dir. National Institute of Fine Arts & Literature. Representing Artist, Juan Soriano.

MONACO - Claude Rosticher, Director, Plastic Arts. Representing Artist, Hubert Clerissi.

MOROCCO - Aziza Bennani, Minister of Culture. Representing Artist, Chaibia.

NICARAGUA - Padre Ernesto Cardenal, Minister of Culture. Representing Artist, Alejandro Arostegui.

PALESTINE - Yaser Abed Rabbo, Minister of Culture.Representing Artist, Laila Shawa.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Arthur Tawodimbari, Director, National Cultural Council.

PERU - Fidel Untiveros, Director Museo De Arte. Representing Artist, Carlos Revilla.

PORTUGAL - Jose Sommer Ribeiro, Director Foundation Gulbenkian.

RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Leonid Baz Hanov, Director, Ministry of Culture. Representing Artist, Olga Bulgakovia.

SAN MARINO - Carla Nicolini, National Director, Biennale di Venezia. Representing Artist, Marina Busignani Reffi.

SEYCHELLES - Havfe' Jackson, Director of Cultural Affairs. Representing Artist, Christine Harter.

SLOVAKIA - Dr. Josef Bob, Gen. Dir.  Arts Department, Ministry of Culture. Representing Artist, Ondrej Zimka.

SOLOMON ISLANDS - Danniel Philip, Minister For Education & Culture. Representing Artist, Brian Kere.

SOMALIA - Dr. Abdislam Shiek Hussein, Minister of Culture & High Education.

SOUTH AFRICA - Louis van Heerden, President, South African Assoc. of Arts. Representing Artist, Cecil Skotness.

SUDAN - Mohamed Beshir Hamid, Minister of Culture. Representing Artist,  Mohammed El-Salah.

SYRIA - Najar Attar, Minister of Culture & National Orientation, Representing Artist, Fateh Moudarres.

THAILAND - Director, Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art. Representing Artist, Thawan Duchanee.

TIBET Kalsang Yesi, Tibetan Government in Exile of his Holiness the Dalai Lama. Representing Artists, Temba Choepahel, Lobsang Chogyali, Tenzin Nobu.

TUNISIA - Abdelbaki Hermassi, Minister of Culture. Representing Artist, Abderrazak Sahli.

VANUATU - Tolu Johnson Abbil, Minister of Home Affairs. Representing Artist, Aloi Pilioko.

VATICAN - Dr. Carlo Pietroangeli, General Director, Vatican Museum & Gallery. Representing Artist, Ferdinando Codognotto.

VENEZUELA - Michelle Arias Bernard, Director, National Gallery of Art.

VIETNAM – Cao Trong Theim, Director National Museum of Fine Arts.

ZIMBABWE - Cyril Rogers, Director, National Gallery. Representing Artist, Helen Leiros.

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