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Kang-So Lee Representing Republic of Korea 


Kang-So Lee was born in Taegu, Korea in 1943. Lee graduated from Seoul National University’s Painting Department in 1965. He has had numerous solo exhibitions in galleries including ILWOO SPACE, Seoul, Korea; JOYART Gallery, Beijing, China; PYO Gallery LA, LA, USA; Whitebox, New York, USA; Le Palais de Congres de Paris, Paris, France; and Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.


He is represented in international collections such as National Museum Of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea ; Seoul Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Seoul, Korea; Daegu Art & Culture Hall, Daegu, Korea; Open Air Sculpture Garden Asadal, Gyeongju, Korea; The International Museum Of 20th Century Arts & Cultural Center,  Laguna Beach, California, USA; and Mie Museum of Art, Miegen, Japan.


Lee's work conveys an unspecific, but open message that is both fundamental and comforting. His pictorial calligraphy is synthetic and somewhat mystic. The writing passages in his works suggest that communication is a real intent.


Through his quiet and peaceful paintings one is encouraged to consider that contemplation of the basic sustaining elements of life may well feed within one a sense of belonging and identity a universally worthwhile pursuit.

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