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TIMOTCA Centre Concept  by Richard Moren, Director of Conceptual Design & Architecture





It is Fitting in the Opening Decades of the 21st Century, a century which has seen Earth become a global village and the Moon a resting place for adventuresome humankind - that the world's first Art and Entertainment Centre be established reflecting our newly found universal consciousness. 

While Art Museums Exist Around the World, none exhibit the works of more than a few nations, and none represent all the people of the Earth. The Centre will be a unique combination of cultural exploration as presented by museums, and world-class entertainment, visitor interaction, global marketplace and special events.

The Centre will be the Most Exciting, Compelling and Entertaining Place on Earth - a modern Wonder of the World... a place, once visited is never forgotten.   



the TIMOTCA Centre will provide

a permanent venue for painters, sculptors, musicians and artisans

from every nation on Earth... 

and offer an official forum for the development of programs promoting cultural understanding and peaceful co-existence.

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 Reinforcing the connection we all share with things larger than Earth—connecting us to one another.


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  • An unparalleled Global Peace Monument

  • Great Plaza

  • Earth Journey - Tracing art and culture thru the ages 

  • Museum of World Art featuring the art of all countries

  • Galleries presenting rotating exhibition

  • Decorative arts, weaving and photography 

  • World Congress Hall

  • Amphitheater  

  • Performing Arts Theater

  • Sculpture gardens and extraordinary water fountains

  • The Graffiti Wall

  • Global Ocean Aquarium

  • World class international restaurants, kiosks and shops

TIMOTCA Centre Concept  by Richard Moren

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TIMOTCA Centre Concept  by Richard Moren

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TIMOTCA Centre Concept by Jon Jerde

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TIMOTCA Centre Concept  by Richard Moren

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TIMOTCA Centre Concept Meetings with Jon Jerde


Understanding the powerful potential of TIMOTCA as an unprecedented world class entertainment destination, many large key sites have been offered for TIMOTCA’s consideration.  Several sites in the United States are being studied, but a final determination has not yet been made.

In the search for a perfect location for the Centre, TIMOTCA Co-Founders have been the guests of many Governments, including Mexico, Portugal, Italy and Haiti. 

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