Director, Development and Communications
Noushin Moeini

Noushin Moeini

TIMOTCA is proud to welcome Ms. Noushin Moeini as a Director, Development and Communications. A poet, writer, and art critic residing in the Los Angeles area, Noushin brings to TIMOTCA more than thirty years of experience in the world of art.

While Noushin grew up the daughter of a great poet, Moeini Kermanshahi, art, culture and appreciation for the two came very naturally for her. When she was a teenager she persuaded her parents to allow her to attend a prestigious art school in Tehran and after moving to the US she attended Portland State University to further her art education.

Because of her love of the arts, she has a passion for educating people on the subject and does this with her essays, books and lectures. She is known for her unique style of writing about artists of the past, modern established artists, and up and coming artists. Her first book, which was released to positive reviews, was written about Chagall, Picasso, and Van Gogh, dissecting and comparing the works of the three very different and complicated individuals. Noushin’s latest work, not yet released, will explore the life and art of Frida Kahlo.

Noushin brings to TIMOTCA her considerable experience in community relations and event planning which includes work for Bucheron Ltd, Eva Branson’s Rock the Casba Foundation, Art 7, Susan G. Komen's Annual Fashion for the Cure and the Komak Foundation.

She is the art editor of Javanan International Magazine.