PostCards From The World

My Dream of Peace

What if the world's children could reveal our kindred spirit and creative connection and demonstrate we are more alike than different thru art? A heartfelt “Thank You” to all the amazing teachers worldwide who encouraged the children to discuss what peace means to them and to create precious works of art on their handmade postcards to share with the world for the premiere of PostCards from the World, My Dream of Peace, 2014. Our thanks for the thousands of postcards sent to TIMOTCA and for all the wonderful photos and letters. Most importantly, we thank the teachers for the outstanding work they are doing to help create a better world.

HUNDREDS OF DEDICATED TEACHERS around the globe have guided their students to discuss what peace means to them in their personal lives, in their community and in the world, and to express “My Dream of Peace” by creating small original works of art on handmade postcards. The response has been overwhelming. Thousands of amazingly poignant entries have been mailed to TIMOTCA’s office in Laguna Beach, California - over 1000 have been selected for exhibition.

PRIZES Although art is not about competition or awards, we believe the modest awards the youngsters will receive if their entries are selected, will encourage and support the continued exploration of their creativity and their dreams.

A TOTAL OF APPROXIMATELY 100 WINNING ENTRIES will be selected by a panel of Judges. Winning students will receive award money totaling approximately $10,000. There will be a winner selected from every participating country.

THREE MAJOR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS will be hosting month-long exhibitions of PostCards From The World beginning January 2015.
Looking at the PostCards, with their beautiful images, stamps and postmarks from around the world, millions of travelers will be influenced by a moment of sharing, perhaps helping to create a new way of looking at the world…looking through the eyes of the world’s children.

Thousands of postcards will be displayed on ten displays measuring 8 feet x 6 feet in unprecedented exhibitions for millions of travelers to enjoy. Exhibit space has generously been contributed by each of the participating airports.
    • JFK – New York
    • McCARRAN – Las Vegas
    • O’HARE – Chicago

GLOBAL STUDENT POSTCARD EXCHANGE will be implemented during February 2015. Students from America to Zimbabwe will receive each other’s postcards – interacting with children around the world, sharing their thoughts and feelings through their art.

Look For all PostCards From The World 2014 Entries On TIMOTCA’s “My Dream of Peace Gallery” along with the TEACHERS’ WALL OF HONOR Early 2015. With your support we can continue to encourage our children to create a more peaceful planet.

Meet a Few of the Teachers and Their Students

Australia Belgium Botswana Brazil
Bulgaria Canada
Dominican Rep
Dubai Greece Guatemala Honduras India Indonesia Ireland Israel Jamaica Kenya Kuwait Lebanon Macedonia Malta Mauritius Mexico Mongolia Myanmar New Zealand Nigeria Panama Poland Romania Russia Saint Lucia Singapore South Africa Spain Thailand UAE
Ukraine USA Vietnam Zimbabwe

Here is a sampling of the some of the great postcards we have received.
More to come!

Meet the Judges

Edward T. Solomon – Co-Founder, TIMOTCA

Maryann Del Pizzo – Co-Founder, TIMOTCA

Douchan Gersi
Filmmaker, World Explorer, Anthropologist, Author

Jim Mitchell
Master Artist, Co-Founder Original Underground Comix

Alex Quintanilla
Dir. of Production/Ass’t Designer, Stela 9

Professor John Dishman
Sculptor, Artist, Curator, Educator

Declan Lonergan
Olympian, Former Professional Cyclist
Brand Manager, Oakley International Eyewear