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Scores of TIMOTCA friends have given of their talents, time and resources. They believe in the power of the universal language of art, and join TIMOTCA in helping create peace and greater understanding among the peoples of the world. The progress of TIMOTCA would not have been possible without the generous support and encouragement of the following people and organizations to whom we are most grateful:

Sir Laurence Olivier "In order to accomplish a project of such extraordinary proportions requires the assistance of millions of art lovers the world over. Persons like you and me.

Won’t you join me in the founding of this truly international center for culture, a place for the meeting of minds and philosophies, a place for visitors from every country to celebrate art, theater and music in an environment that will both symbolize our common creativity and help bring together the people of the world."

Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General

“Art Beyond Borders is an exhibition with a mission that is both timeless and timely. Spreading cultural knowledge is a timeless pursuit that encourages tolerance and appreciation for those different from ourselves. Visual art is uniquely positioned to be a vehicle for fostering peace through understanding, in that it is accessible to all with no language barrier to hamper its message. It is a universal language which can help to focus attention on the aims of the UN Charter, a world without war, respect for human rights, international law, and social and economic progress. This exhibition is particularly timely, as it coincides with the International Year of a Culture of Peace. The more we know about each other, the more we will realize that our differences are something to be celebrated, rather than feared.

I am very pleased that the long and fruitful association with UNESCO has resulted in a number of exhibitions and hope that there will be more such cooperative efforts in the future. I am confident that TIMOTCA will continue in its important work and through the magic of art send a powerful message that will reach the hearts and minds of people throughout the world. I wish you continued success.”

Rudolph W. Giuliani - Former Mayor, City of New York "On behalf of the residents of New York City I applaud those associated with UNESCO for their commitment and dedication to world peace and security. I congratulate those artists participating in the Art Beyond Borders exhibition. Through your work people of all nations will have the opportunity to reflect on how art is a universal form of expression with the ability to transcend the differences that prevent peace."

Edward Lucie-Smith - Noted English art critic, biographer and poet "There has still been a lack of opportunities to experience the sheer variety of the art which has now been made - to get to know at first hand its vitality, its enthusiasm, and yes, it aura of hope. Art Beyond Borders is a first attempt, but not the substance. Standing in the presence of the actual work, what the spectator feels is the pulse of life itself. This is a small beginning, but a historically important one."

Frederico Mayor, Director-General, UNESCO “It gives me much pleasure to grant the Lisbon exhibition the patronage of UNESCO, as I did in the case of the New York exhibition last year and the one at UNESCO Headquarters more recently, which thus permits a closer tie with the United Nations Pavilion at EXPO within its program of cultural activities. Please accept my warmest good wishes for the success of this endeavor.”

Adnan Badran - Deputy Director, UNESCO "TIMOTCA is a project so close to my heart. I am so happy that Portugal has been selected as the host country for the establishment of a United Nations of the Arts."

Nina Sibal - Representative of UNESCO to the United Nations & New York

"By bringing together artists from diverse cultures and nationalities, Art Beyond Borders is contributing to international understanding and the promotion of a culture of peace."

Orange County California Board of Supervisors On October 20, 1981, a proclamation was issued by the City of Laguna Beach followed by a resolution from the Orange County California Board of Supervisors, in recognition of the Vision and dedication of this organization in its quest to contribute to global peace.

Honorable Christopher C. Cox, - Former United States Congressman "Please allow me to offer every encouragement in this endeavor. TIMOTCA has been an outstanding project within my congressional district for many years, and I've always been impressed with the quality and intent of their projects. Anything that you can do to assist this most worthwhile venture would be most appreciated.

Andrew Radolf - Senior Information Officer, UNESCO, New York "Art Beyond Borders demonstrated how through the unique creative vision of the individual artist we can come to have an understanding of our shared humanity. Art Beyond Borders has achieved, in my view, its objective of contributing to world peace through the universal language of art."

Madeleine Gobeil - Director, Division of Arts and Cultural Life, UNESCO "Demonstrating as it does, the complexity and the harmony of a dialogue between cultures through the presentation of art works from more than two-hundred countries, the innovative quality of TIMOTCA is particularly valuable."

Tony Coelho - United States Representative "The International Museum and Cultural Centre is a project that provides a wonderful opportunity for people from all over the world to explore and learn about a diversity of unique cultures. This project will hopefully inspire global peace not just for the artists, but also for all who visit this international museum. I personally believe that it will be a tremendous success, and am pleased that it may be held in Portugal.

Giovani Livi - Director EEC "I believe that working together towards global understanding of one another will undoubtedly contribute to the project's goal of global peace. Toward that end, you can rely on my continued support as well as he support of my colleagues."

Douchan Gersi - Anthropologist/Filmmaker "The vision of Edward Solomon and Maryann Del Pizzo joins mine: Love between all cultures can exist only through mutual understanding. For the TIMOTCA Centre, I will travel to all the countries of our world, capturing and sharing with you each country’s culture, history, and identity."

Curatorial Advisors

Edward Lucie-Smith
Recognized as one of today's most articulate writers on art history, Mr. Lucie-Smith is a noted English art critic, biographer and poet. He has written over 24 books, many of them on contemporary art movements, and contributed articles to the most important European publications. Mr. Lucie-Smith broadcasts regularly for the BBC on a wide range of art related subjects.

Peter S. Frank
Graduate of Columbia University and a published poet, Mr. Frank is recognized as one of the country's leading art critics, writers and curators. Presently, editor of Visions Art Quarterly in Los Angeles, California, Mr. Frank's reputation reaches art circles around the world.

International Art Advisory Council To Date:

ALBANIA - Vangjush Valla, Director Arts Department, Ministry of Culture
AMERICAN INDIANS, USA - W. Richard West, Director, National Museum of The American Indian, Smithsonian Institution
ANGOLA - Henreque Abranches, Director, National Union of Plastic Arts
ARGENTINA - Jorge Glusberg, Director, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
AUSTRALIA - James Mollison, Director, Australian National Gallery
AUSTRIA - Dr. Dieter Ronte, Director, Modern Art Museum, Vienna
BELGIUM - Dr. Robert-Jones, Conservateur En Chef Des Musees Royaux Des Beaux-Arts
BRAZIL - Manuel Francisco Nascimento Brito, Director, The Museum Modern Art
CHINA - Lui Tianging, General Secretary, Federation of Art & Literature
COLOMBIA - Myriam Aceved, Curator Museo De Art Moderno
CUBA - Beatriz Aulet, Director, Plastic Arts, Ministry of Culture
CZECH REPUBLIC - Jire Sevcik, Vice President, Academy of Fine Arts, Prague
EGYPT - Abdel Hamid Radwan, Minister of Culture
EL SALVADOR - Roberto Edmundo Viero, Minister of Culture & Communications
ENGLAND - Lord Gowie, Chairman of the Arts Council of England
ETHIOPIA - Girma Yilma, Minister of Culture
FRANCE - Yves Mabin, Director, Plastic Arts, Minister of External Relations
FRENCH POLYNESIA - Manouche Lehartel, Director, Museum of Tahiti & Islands
GREECE - Dr. Dimitris Papastamus, Director, National Gallery
HAITI - Jean-Robert Estime, Minister of Foreign Affairs
HONDURAS - Dr. Arturo Rendon Pineda, Minister of Culture
ICELAND - Hrafn Gunnlaugsson, Chairman, Ministry of Culture
INDIA - Rahul Chhabra, Cultural Attache, Embassy of India, Paris
IRAN - Majid Shafei, Executive Director, Museum of Contemporary Art, Teheran
ISRAEL - Sara Breitberg-Semel, Curator, Israeli Art, Tel Aviv Museum
ITALY - Eraldo Gaudioso, Director, National Gallery of Art, Rome
JAPAN - T. Hara, Director, Hara Museum of Contemorary Art
JORDAN - Suhail Bisharat, Director, Jordan National Gallery
KENYA - Daniel Gachiengo, Director of Culture, Minisrty of Culture, Nairobi
KOREA - Chung Junmo, Senior Curator, National Museum of Contemporary Art
LEBANON - Faouzi Hobeiche, Misiter of Culture and Higher Education
LUXEMBOURG - Jean-Luc Koltz, Director, Fine Arts Museum of Luxembourg
MADAGASCAR - Gisele Rabesahala, Minister of Revolutionary Art & Culture
MALAYSIA - Juan Syed Ahmad Jamal, Director, The National Art Gallary of Kualar Lumpur
MALI - Tji Mariko, Minister of Culture & Arts
MAURITANIA - Mohamed Salem Ould Addoud, Minister of Culture
MAURITIUS - Armoogum Parsuraman, Minister of Education, Arts & Culture
MEXICO - Manuel De La Cera, General Director, National Institute of Fine Arts & Literature
MONACO - Claude Rosticher, Director, Plastic Arts
MOROCCO - Aziza Bennani, Minister of Culture
NICARAGUA - Padre Ernesto Cardenal, Minister of Culture
PALESTINE - Yaser Abed Rabbo, Minister of Culture
PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Arthur Tawodimbari, Director, National Cultural Council
PERU - Fidel Untiveros, Director Museo De Arte
PORTUGAL - Jose Sommer Ribeiro, Director, Modern Art, Foundation Gulbenkian
RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Leonid Baz Hanov, Director, Ministry of Culture
SAN MARINO - Carla Nicolini, National Director, Biennale di Venezia
SEYCHELLES - Havfe Jackson, Director of Cultural Affairs
SLOVAKIA - Dr. Josef Bob, Gen. Dir. Arts Department, Ministry of Culture
SOLOMON ISLANDS - Danniel Philip, Minister For Education & Culture
SOMALI - Dr. Abdislam Shiek Hussein, Minister of Culture & High Education
SOUTH AFRICA - Louis van Heerden, National Pres. So. African Association of Arts
SPAIN - Jose Guirao Cabrera, Director, Museo Nacional Reina Sofia
SUDAN - Mohamed Beshir Hamid, Minister of Culture
SYRIA - Najar Attar Minister of Culture & National Orientation
THAILAND - Director, Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art
TIBET - Kalsang Yesi - Chairman, Tibetan Government in Exile of H.H. the Dalai Lama
TUNISIA - Abdelbaki Hermassi, Minister of Culture
VANUATU - Tolu Johnson Abbil, Minister of Home Affairs
VATICAN - Dr. Carlo Piettroangeli, General Director, Vatican Museum & Gallery
VENEZUELA - Michelle Arias Bernard, Director, National Gallery of Art
VIETNAM - Tran Huy Oanh, General Chairman, Vietnam Fine Arts Association
ZIMBABWE - Cyril Rogers, Director, National Gallery

With Special Thanks:

Salvatore J. Del Pizzo & Del Pizzo Family
Badran, Adnan - Deputy Director, UNESCO
Barroso Soares, Maria - Former First Lady of Portugal
Braga, Joao - Entertainer, Portugal
Cheysson, Claude - Retired Minister, Foreign Affairs, France
Coburn, James - Entertainer
Cox, Christopher - Former United States Congressman
Davis, Jr. Sammy - Entertainer
Fernandez de Toledo, Tania - Chief Cultural Events, UNESCO
Frank, Peter - Curator, Art Critic, Author
Galerie Janine Rubiez-Beirut
Hampton-Mason, Valerie - United Nations, New York
Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Mexico
International Salon Society of the Arts
Lashlee, Jay - Advisor, Trust Protector
Lichterman, Diane - Chairman, OCC UNICEF
Livi, Giovanni - Former Director, EEC
Livi, Vlasta - Director, International Research, TIMOTCA
Lucie-Smith, Edward- Noted English Art Critic, Author
Mayor, Federico - Director General, UNESCO
Muller, Robert - Former Ass't. Sec. Gen. UN, Chancellor, University of Peace
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Argentina
Radolf, Andrew - UNESCO, New York
S.E.M. Portocarero, Herman, Belgian Ambassador to Cuba,
Sarnoff, Irving - Founder, Friends of United Nations
Senghor Sedar, Leopold - First President of Senegal
Sibal, Nina - Representative of UNESCO to the United Nations
Simoes De Carvalho, Lourdes - Deputy Dir. Ministry of Culture, Portugal
Spalding, Wilda - President, World Wins
Tsuyuki Rev, Alfred - Head Minister, Konko Church
UN, Dept. of Public Information, Promotion & Public Services
UNESCO, Dept. of Public Information, Promotion & Public Services
United States Embassy, Syria
Van Sant, Tom - Founder, The Geosphere Project
Werthein, Jorge - UNESCO Representative to Brazil